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Internal Funding Opportunities

The College has a portfolio of internal funding opportunities. The Research and Innovation Seed Program (SciRIS) awards seed funding for high impact collaborative proposals that build teams, pursue fundamental discoveries, and create societal impact. There are other internal funding opportunites in addition to the SciRIS awards. Deadlines 15 April, 15 July, 15 December.

Innovation Award  NEW!

The College of Science Innovation Award provides critical resources for projects that take a new direction, utilize a new technology or are in the “proof-of-concept” phase. Undergraduate & graduate students and faculty researchers can participate, with a preference given to graduate students and faculty who are developing new areas of research and/or establishing or augmenting research partnerships with external industrial partners.  The Innovation award is made possible by funds from the College of Science Venture Fund.

Checklist for incoming researchers

This checklist is intended to assist incoming faculty in their preparations to initiate research-related activities at OSU. Please review all relevant areas below and contact the related units as appropriate. This checklist is for your reference and does not need to be returned to the Research Office or Environmental Health and Safety. Also, check out COS's Proposal Services website

NSF GRFP Online Guide

This Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) course is a one-of-a-kind, self-paced online guide that prepares you for success on Fellowship proposals. While it focuses on the NSF Graduate Fellowship Proposal (GRFP), this guide would be useful for any fellowship or internship proposal. If you are interested in taking this course and have a question about the fee, please contact the ADRGS, Dr. Vrushali Bokil for assistance.

The Graduate school has some great information from a workshop, including slides, video presentation and applicant resources. Check it out here

Graduate School Travel Awards

The Graduate School now offers the Travel Award four times a year rather than three, with no reduction in the overall amount awarded annually.

Faculty Senate Awards

Nomination Summary Awards Table. The deadlines range from April - June, but many limit the number of nominations per College, so check the dates of interest for internal deadlines. Note that the OSU Impact Award for Outstanding Scholarship has a limited submission. Our internal deadline is one month before The Senate's dealine.  Contact us with questions.

Tracking RFPs

This is a google document (work in progress) of targeted RFP submissions, for early career, broadening participation, etc. See also an Awards spreadsheet that includes internal and external awards.

Campus-wide cost share request form

College pre-award units across campus have teamed up and created a cost share template and request form