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Internal Research Funding Program

Beakers in Ryan Mehl's lab.

The College of Science Internal Research Funding Program comprises several internal funding opportunities to support the research and infrastructure needs of college of science faculty. The overarching aim of this program is to increase the number of proposals submitted to external funding agencies (state, federal, foundations and other) to increase extramural funding awarded to, and the research stature of the College of Science. We aim to do this in ways that are equitable, inclusive and provide access to diverse members of our community.

SciRIS program

The College of Science Research and Innovation Seed (SciRIS) Program funds projects based on collaborative and individual research involving the College community and beyond.

Collaborative proposals

The SciRIS (Stages 1-3) program awards seed funding for high impact collaborative proposals that build teams, pursue fundamental discoveries, and create societal impact.

Deadlines: April and October

    Individual proposals

    The SciRIS Individual Investigator (SciRIS-ii) program awards seed funding to establish partnerships, accelerate project development, generate data and manuscripts, and foster proposal submissions. This program provides funds to establish partnerships, accelerate project development, generate data and manuscripts, and foster proposal submissions.

    Deadline: October

    Other college funds

    Disease Mechanism and Prevention Fund

    Provided by a generous gift from David and Donna Gould to establish the College of Science, the Disease Mechanism and Prevention Fund (DMPF) is to be used for the support of research into the mechanism, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of (human) disease by faculty within the College of Science.

    Deadline: October

    College of Science Industry Partnership Award

    The College of Science Industry Partnership Award provides critical resources for projects that take a new direction, utilize a new technology or are in the “proof-of-concept” phase.

    Deadline: October

    Research Equipment Reserve Fund cost matching

    The College of Science provides cost matches for RERF proposal submissions. Please contact to submit an internal cost match request.

    Research Office Funding

    The OSU Research Bridge Funding Pool seeks to assist faculty who are between externally funded research grants. A principal investigator is responsible for applying to the Research Office if they are seeking financial support from this pool. PIs will need to demonstrate a record of sponsored research awards and expenditures, define the critical bridging needed, describe the plan and timeline for securing new external funding, and secure the approval of their department and college leadership. Awards from the pool will be made through a review process managed by the Research Office.

    Apply at the Research Office

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