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Websites and migrations

Websites and migrations

Drupal is the Content Management System that provides the foundation for our site. It is used by all Oregon State University’s websites and was chosen for its security and its designed intent for use by professional organizations. A theme is a specific look and functionality created for a website. Ours was created specifically by the College of Science for College websites to aid in recruitment while creating a fully mobile-first and accessible website that adheres to University branding guidelines.

Resources for managing your Drupal site

If you need assistance with editing, designing or managing your site

Contact Sharon Betterton (

If you are having technical or login problems with the site

Contact Caleb Prime ( or submit a UIT ticket.

College of Science Drupal Documentation

Full Drupal documentation (Google Docs) provides complete documentation on the theme, user experience goals, design, content types and paragraphs.

Drupal quick reference (Google Docs) provides brief explanations of common tasks, with links to more detailed information. This is an easier way to get started than tackling the complete document.

Directory profile documentation (Google Docs) focuses on adding and editing directory profiles, as well as our recommended content policy. Helpful for faculty, staff and students who are only editing their profiles and not interacting with other parts of the website

Events documentation (Google Docs) focuses on adding events, either to OSU Events or to the website, depending which version your website has. The document will help you identify which system you're on and how to create new events.

We are continuously revising and updating these documents and welcome suggestions or reporting inaccuracies.

Status updates

We have fully migrated all department sites to a new Drupal theme!

A recent transition to Drupal 10 for most sites has resulted in us having a slightly different admin interface. If you cannot access anything you had access to previously, please reach out!

  • Why did we update to Drupal 10?
    Drupal 9 is no longer receiving security updates (press release).
  • Why did the admin theme and text editor change?
    The admin theme and text editor we used for Drupal 8 and 9 were not compatible with Drupal 10.