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Marketing and Communications

The banner used at the 2021 Fall Social hanging from Kidder Hall that reads "Welcome future science leaders!"

Marketing and Communications supports the College of Science by telling its story and building connections with its most valued audiences. Our priorities center on advancing the College mission, vision and values, with strategies and tactics focused on developing communications to support the College’s topmost goals as determined by the dean.

We work with an eye to the University's brand and the College's sub-brand to ensure consistency and cohesiveness across our communications, while still leaving room for each unit's distinct voice.

The Dean's Newsletter

The DNL is a monthly email communication you don't want to miss. In addition to a message from the dean about recent College happenings, it also provides a detailed look at the stellar research occurring in the College of Science, who's landing in the media, who's receiving awards and honors, plus other Team Science news and events.

Dean's newsletter 

Event Planning

The College of Science marketing team is happy to assist with event promotion. Please take a look at our event planning document for recommendations on which steps we can help with and when we recommend connecting with us. Once you're ready, contact us using our Marketing Request Form.

Event checklist 
Marketing request form 

Opt back in to emails

The College of Science sends communications, including those from the Dean, through a mailing program. It can be easy to accidentally opt out. If you have opted out of our emails in the past, we are not able to add you back manually – you must submit the request and confirm it through our mailer.

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