The purpose of the award is to recognize distinguished scholarship in science by honoring a faculty member in the College of Science whose scholarship and scientific accomplishments have extended over a substantial period of time.

Special consideration is given to candidates with research careers that have had a significant impact on his or her field. The award and public lecture represent a modest way of recognizing annually distinguished scholarship carried out by the College of Science faculty.

Award: $1,500

Selection Criteria

Nominations will be reviewed based on the following areas: 

  • Distinguished Scholarship in Science as evidenced by numerous honors and awards; scholarship has been featured in important (to the field or Science) venues; nominee has built an inclusive research community which includes mentoring of diverse students and postdocs; nominee has worked to reduce barriers in research to the recruitment & success of underrepresented (URM) groups; or similar examples. 

  • Significant Impact on nominee’s field as evidenced by significant publications; significant grant funding record; significant number of patents & inventions; research has strong and significant societal impact; scholarship has strong standing in basic research in Science; or similar examples. 

  • Accomplishments over a substantial amount of time as evidenced by growing numbers of high quality publications over 10+ years; increased funding impacting a growing research group over 10+ years; growing impact in innovations and discoveries; mentored a  diverse set of students in research over 10+ years; or similar  examples. 

  • Equity Impact as evidenced by examples of how the nominee promotes equity, inclusivity, and access. Provide examples.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nomination letter (750 words or fewer) on letterhead
  • Biographical sketch (2 pages with content that supports award)
  • List of Nominee’s most significant publications (20 maximum)
  • Support letters, one or two (400 words or fewer); writers should be external to OSU
  • Submit one-compiled pdf to

Nominations that do not meet the guidelines will be returned to the nominator without review.

Previous Award Winners

Wei Kong, Chemistry, 2023
Heidi Schellman, Physics, 2021-22
Michael Freitag, Biochemistry & Biophysics, 2020
Michael Blouin,Integrative Biology, 2019
May Nyman
, Chemistry, 2018
Corinne Manogue, Physics, 2017
Robert T. Mason, Integrative Biology, 2016
Janet Tate, Physics, 2015
Edward Waymire, Mathematics, 2014
Mas Subramanian, Chemistry, 2013
Andy Karplus, Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2012
Stephen Giovannoni, Microbiology, 2011
Mark Hixon, Zoology, 2010
Andrew Blaustein, Zoology, 2009
Peter Clark, Geosciences, 2008
Joseph Beckman, Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2007
Jane Lubchenco, Zoology, 2006
Stevan J. Arnold, Zoology, 2005
Walter Loveland, Chemistry, 2004
Daniel J. Arp, Botany and Plant Pathology, 2003
Frank L. Moore, Zoology, 2002
Douglas Keszler, Chemistry, 2001
Dennis Hruby, Microbiology, 2000
Brian Croft, Entomology, 1999
Dallice I. Mills, Botany and Plant Pathology, 1998
Bruce A. Menge, Zoology, 1997
James D. White, Chemistry, 1996
Ronald B. Guenther, Mathematics, 1995
T. Darrah Thomas, Chemistry, 1994
John D. Lattin, Entomology, 1993
John L. Fryer, Microbiology, 1992
William Sandine, Microbiology, 1991
Donald J. Reed, Biochem. & Biophysics, 1990
Christopher Mathews, Biochemistry and Biophysics, 1989
Roman Schmitt, Chemistry, 1988
Gerald Krantz, Entomology, 1987
Norman Bishop, Botany and Plant Pathology, 1986
Kenneth Hedberg, Chemistry, 1985
Kensal van Holde, Biochemistry and Biophysics, 1984

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