Oregon State University values, engages, and includes the rich diversity of its students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and affiliates. It is critical that all our faculty, staff and students work toward a future that is equitable, just, and inclusive (EJI) for everyone.

This award recognizes the outstanding work of a faculty, staff, or student in advancing inclusive excellence at OSU.  Examples include helping to recruit students or employees from underrepresented communities to OSU, generating resources to advance EJI at OSU, promoting and advancing EJI at OSU, improving the climate of a unit within COS, supporting and advancing the cultural resource centers, advancing the role of women in science, or outstanding service as a search advocate. The award recognizes work primarily done at or for OSU, including contributions outside of COS.


All faculty, staff, and students in the College are eligible for the award. Nominations may recognize individual or team accomplishments.

Any member of the College of Science community - faculty, staff, or student – may submit a letter of nomination. The letter, not to exceed one page

The nomination letter should address

  • the individual’s or team’s exceptional contributions to inclusive excellence at OSU
  • the impact of the nominee's contributions
  • include the nominees name and email and your name and email on the letter

Award: $500


October 22, 2019

Application Process
  1. Draft a 1-page nomination letter that includes the nominees name/email and your name/email (so we may contact you, if we have questions).
  2. Save the 1-page nomination letter with the filename: Year_COS_EJIAward_LastNameNominee- use 4 digit year (e.g. 2019), the "LastNameNominee" is the surname of the person or team you are nominating.
  3. Upload the file below.