Faculty, staff, and students perform a broad array of services that are vital to supporting and sustaining the quality and effectiveness of the College of Science. Examples include service in faculty governance; in academic and student-support efforts; in international development; in community outreach programs; in mentoring students and student groups; in professional scientific organizations; and on department, college, and university committees.

The purpose of the College of Science Distinguished Service Award is to recognize exceptional achievement in service by recognizing outstanding contributions by members of the College of Science. 

Award: $500


All faculty, staff, and students in the College are eligible for the award. Nominations may recognize individual or team accomplishments.

Application Process

Deadline: December 1, 2022

  1. Draft a 1-page nomination letter on letterhead that includes:
    a. The individual’s or team’s exceptional service contributions to Science 
    b. The impact of the nominee's service
    c. The date, nominee's name and email and your name and email (for notification or questions)
  2. Email the file to: Kim.McQueen@oregonstate.edu

Previous Awardees

David Maddison, Integrative Biology, 2022
Megan Wilson, Graduate Student, Integrative Biology, 2021
Margie Haak, Chemistry, 2019
Randall Millstein, Physics, 2019