Research Highlights

The critical role research plays in addressing fundamental questions and society's great challenges has never been greater. So, it is significant that the College of Science had an award-winning year of funding success even in the midst of pandemic challenges.

In fiscal year 2022, the College’s research awards were $18.5M, and expenditures were $14.3M at the time of reporting. Please read about the awards funded in our IMPACT article 

In fiscal year 2021, the College’s research awards rose to $24.4M, a 55% increase over the average of the previous three years and one of the highest award levels ever. The previous year’s total was $15.82 million. You can read about our successes in Fiscal Year 2021 in our latest research funding IMPACT article 

Below are research highlights for the College of Science since 2016

Annual Reports and Metrics

The College of Science's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan established a number of metrics of performance. You can see how the college has performed with respect to these metrics since 2014 below. 

Read about the progress that the college has made since 2015 in our annual reports