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Scialog Fellows

Scialog Fellows

Funding Agency
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
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Scialog supports research, intensive dialogue, and community building to address scientific challenges of global significance. Within each multi-year initiative, Scialog Fellows collaborate in high-risk discovery research on untested ideas and communicate their progress in annual closed conferences. Intensive discussions identify bottlenecks and encourage innovative approaches. Ultimately Scialog aims to advance human knowledge by empowering a national community of early career scientists with many promising years of research ahead of them.

Scialog aims to:

  1. Support early career faculty to expand research in a focused area of high scientific importance;
  2. Encourage scientists to form multidisciplinary teams to tackle these critical challenges, and;
  3. Help transition awardees to obtain further funding for their innovative ideas.

Approximately 50 early-career faculty are invited to participate as Fellows for each Scialog, with early career spanning the time from the first year on the faculty through recently post-tenure. Current Scialog areas include:

  • Signatures of Life in the Universe
  • Microbiome, Neurobiology and Disease
  • Advancing BioImaging
  • Mitigating Zoonotic Threats
  • Molecular Basis of Cognition
  • Negative Emissions Science