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Limited submission opportunities

Limited submission opportunities

Funding Agency
Oregon State University Research Office
Funding Type

The Research Office provides internal funding for research seeding, emergencies, time releases, equipment, and student involvement. Solicitation schedules and guidelines vary. Committees review the proposals and make recommendations to the Vice President for Research, who has final authority about funding.

For certain programs, sponsors allow only a limited number of applications per institution. Typically, there will be an open call to OSU faculty for expressions of interest for these limited submission opportunities. The Vice President for Research is the decision-making authority for determining which applications move forward for consideration.

Listed here are some of the solicitations for which OSU selects representatives. Faculty are welcome to identify such opportunities from these or any sources; contact Mary Phillips, Director, Office of Research Development before proceeding with submissions.

To receive weekly notification by email of new funding opportunities, please sign up at the Research Development mailing list here using your Oregon State email address.