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Improving sample preparation for pathogen testing molecular assays

Improving sample preparation for pathogen testing molecular assays

Funding Agency
Private Company (apply through Halo)
Funding Type
Industry and Innovation
Thursday, February 29, 2024

The ideal solution or technology should achieve these tasks with only two manual pipette steps: adding the sample to the reaction tube and withdrawing the processed sample.

Our must-have requirements are:

  • Tightly bind proteins like lysozyme, which can inhibit amplification
  • Does not tightly bind proteins like DNA polymerase, Reverse Transcriptases and other commonly used life science enzymes
  • Stable in a high-pH solution and still retains inhibitor binding characteristics to proteins like lysozyme

Our nice-to-have requirements are:

  • Avoid magnesium chelation
  • Has some demonstrated efficacy in complex samples, such as meat
  • Binds or removes polyphosphates (pyrophosphate in particular) from the sample before it is added to the molecular test

What’s out of scope:

  • Magnetic particle based extraction
  • Automation
  • Use of traditional enzymatic lysis steps that drive complications for cost, shelf life, and ease of use
  • Multi-step lyophilized rehydration solution