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Condensed Matter and Materials Theory (CMMT)

Condensed Matter and Materials Theory (CMMT)

Funding Agency
National Science Foundation
Funding Type

This solicitation applies only to the Condensed Matter and Materials Theory DMR Topical Materials Research Program (TMRP). The other DMR TMRPs Biomaterials (BMAT), Ceramics (CER), Condensed Matter Physics (CMP), Electronic and Photonic Materials (EPM), Metals and Metallic Nanostructures (MMN), Polymers (POL), and Solid State and Materials Chemistry (SSMC) have their own solicitation. Applicants to BMAT, CER, CMP, EPM, MMN, POL, and SSMC must apply through solicitation NSF 22-609.

This solicitation follows the requirements of the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) but has additional requirements. These are specified in Section II. Program Description, Section IV. Eligibility Information, and Section V.A Proposal Preparation Instructions.

The CMMT program supports fundamental research that advances conceptual understanding of hard and soft materials, and materials-related phenomena; the development of associated analytical, computational, and data-centric techniques; and predictive materials-specific theory, simulation, and modeling for materials research. First-principles electronic structure, quantum many-body and field theories, statistical mechanics, classical and quantum Monte Carlo, and molecular dynamics, are among the methods used in the broad spectrum of research supported in CMMT.