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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partner Engagement Sessions

There are three focus group listening sessions scheduled for engaging our Strategic Partners (listed below). These will be conducted on

  1. Wednesday, Feb 23, 2:00-3:30pm
  2. Wednesday, March 2, 1:30-3:00pm
  3. Thursday, March 3, 2:30-4:00pm

See the letter sent to the Strategic Partner group, which includes the questions that form the basis of the listening sessions.

College of Science Strategic Planning Process, 2021-2022

LeAnn Joy Adam

Honors College

OSU’s Director of National and Global Scholarships Advising

Teresita Alvarez-Cortez

Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)

Associate Provost for Extended Campus Acting AVP for Strategic Diversity Initiatives

Fred DeAngelis


Senior Instructor I & Director of Instructional Labs, Physics, College of Science

Jack Barth

Marine Studies Initiative

Executive Director, Marine Studies Initiative, Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Catherine (Katie) Bolzendahl

College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Director of the School of Public Policy and Professor of Sociology

Pallavi Dhagat

College of Engineering (COE)

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Brandi Fuhrman

Student Affairs

Executive Director of the Career Development Center

Jeffrey Gautschi

OSU Cascades

Senior Instructor, Chemistry

Jana Bouwma-Gearhart

College of Education (COE)

Associate Dean of Research

Alix Gitelman

Provost’s Office

Academic Affairs

Senior Vice Provost

Vice Provost - Academic Affairs

John Gremmels

University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations (UFIO)

Capital Planner, Finance & Administration

Ricardo Reyes Grimaldo

Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE)

PhD Student, Department of Integrative Biology

Michelle Harrel

University Information & Technology

Executive Director for Business Architecture

Michael Harte

College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEAOS)

Professor and Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs

Jeff Hatten

College of Forestry (COF)

Head of Forest Engineering, Resources & Management

Chrissa Kioussi

College of Pharmacy (COP)

Pharmaceutical Sciences Department Chair

Brent Kronmiller

Center for Quantitative Life Sciences

Assistant Research Professor and Assistant Director for Bioinformatics and Data Science

Phil Mote

Graduate School

Dean- Graduate School

Gabrielle Serra

Government Relations

Director of Federal Government Relations

Rick Settersten

Provost’s Office

Faculty Affairs

Vice Provost-Faculty Affairs

Natalia Shulzhenko

Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)

Associate Professor - Immunology

Staci Simonich

College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS)

Executive Associate Dean

Ellen Smit

College of Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS)

Professor of Epidemiology and Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs

Lisa Templeton


Associate Provost for Extended Campus

Chris Viggiani

Research Office

Vice President - Research Integrity

Kari van Zee

Faculty Senate

Senior Instructor I & Lead Advisor, Biochemistry & Biophysics, College of Science