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Final Plan and Reports

Final Plan and Reports

College of Science Strategic Plan 2022-2027: Extending the Reach & Impact of Science

Dear Colleagues,

In Fall 2022, the College of Science unveiled its 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, Extending the Reach & Impact of Science and launched the Implementation of the plan. Please visit the sites below for the final plan and details of the implementation of the plan.

Vrushali Bokil
Interim Dean of Science

Strategic Planning Engagement Reports

The Strategic Planning Committee developed several reports as part of the planning process. Four concept papers were developed for each of the four goals of the final plan:

Concept Paper: Outreach and Engagement

Our charge with this concept paper was to identify trends and strategic themes for outreach and engagement within today’s context. The College of Science is dedicated to serving our community and providing pathways for developing science literacy and engagement. By expanding our outreach, we aim to create access to science education and research, foster community relationships, and develop needed services.

Concept Paper: Research, Scholarship and Innovation

We envision the College of Science as a diverse community dedicated to fundamental, use-inspired and transdisciplinary scientific research, scholarship and innovation. This paper includes five strategic goals to support these efforts.

Concept Paper: Education and Learning

Modern society relies on science and technology for everything from efficient delivery of goods, to medical procedures, to reducing suffering from global climate change. The success of our society tomorrow starts with the education of our students today. The success of our undergraduate and graduate students is the primary motivation of the authors of this work. It permeates every aspect of this concept paper.

Concept Paper: Community, Physical and Digital Infrastructure

To be successful in our mission, the College of Science must invest in, support and promote our faculty, staff, advisors and students. We will strive to nurture a diverse community of science leaders, mentors, advisors and culture shapers through investments in people, infrastructure and digital resources. In this report, we discuss the results of the engagement sessions that were conducted during the strategic planning process as related to the present and future state of community, physical and digital infrastructure needs in the College of Science.