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Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee


Roy Haggerty

Former Dean, College of Science, 2017-2022

Vrushali Bokil

Interim Dean of Science & Committee Chair

Committee Members

Heather Arbuckle

Head Advisor, College of Science

Linda Bruslind

Senior Instructor II of Microbiology

Sally Hacker

Professor of Integrative Biology

Duo Jiang

Associate Professor of Statistics

Marilyn Mackiewicz

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Phil McFadden

Associate Professor of Practice
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Kim McQueen

Dean's Administrative Assistant
Administrative assistant to the Committee

Afua Nyarko

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics

Xavier Siemens

Professor of Physics

Riley Skyles

Undergraduate Student in Mathematics

Enrique Thomann

Professor of Mathematics

Becky Vega Thurber

Professor of Microbiology

Njesa Totty

Graduate student in Statistics

Tze-Yiu Yong

College of Science Project Manager
Committee data analyst

Kenneth C Walsh

Senior Instructor II of Physics

Observing Committee Members

Marlys Amundson

Director of Development, College of Science

Tamara Cissna

Director of Marketing & Communications, College of Science

Hannah Hegerberg

Assistant Director of Development, College of Science

Kameron Kadooka

Director of Equity, Access & Inclusion, College of Science

Tom McLennan

Senior Director of Development II, OSU Foundation