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Student Resources

Student Resources

Oregon State University is here for you with in-person and remote services to support you.

Consider the OSU Experience website your go-to spot for resources, information and opportunities.

Science Success Center


SSC Staff

Jessica Siegel
Associate Dean of Academic & Student Affairs

Gabs James
Associate Director of Student Engagement

Jen Olarra
Head Advisor

Kris Gage
Student Success Coordinator

Rachel Palmer
Assistant Director of Career Development

College of Science Peer Advisors

Programs & services

  • Scholarships
  • Career development
  • Experiential learning opportunities for students
  • COS clubs & organizations info
  • COS Student Events & Activities
  • COS Peer Advisors
  • Academic success advising and support
  • Tutoring referrals
  • SURE Science Scholarship program
  • Registration help
  • Equity Promise Emergency Grants
  • Study Abroad getting started support for students
  • Connecting students to research opportunities in COS and beyond
  • COS student conduct & academic integrity

Academic resources

ASC strategists

ASC strategists want to support you on your path to academic success. We know that OSU has a lot of resources to support students, but that sometimes it can be hard to know what you're looking for or where to find it. ASC strategists are here for remote consults to help you find what you need. In addition to identifying resources, strategists can help you form successful study groups, introduce learning and study tools and assist as you get ready for midterms and finals.

Disability access services

Disability Access Services facilitates access to university programs and services for students with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation and advocacy. DAS provides support to all Oregon State University students, including on- and off-campus students and students at OSU-Cascades.

Ecampus | online tutoring

You can connect to live tutors from any computer that has internet. Access a virtual whiteboard that allows tutors and students to work on problems in a real time environment. You can also visit an online writing lab where tutors critique and return essays within 48 hours.

Online writing lab

Want help with a writing project? We provide Skype and written consultations for all OSU students. The OWL is open from week two of each term until the beginning of finals week.

Undergrad research & writing studio

The Undergrad Research & Writing Studio is a place for students to work on writing and research at any point in the process. Writing and research consultants are available to help students work through writer’s block; find information to support their ideas; brainstorm and freewrite; draft and revise; and proofread and edit prior to submission.

Zero to success in 77 Days

A week-by-week to-do list for the term. See your Registration Information Handbook or click the link above.

Learning corner

The Learning Corner is a part of the Academic Success Center’s website that provides information, tips, and strategies to help you maximize your learning and success. The Learning Corner is organized around six core areas.

Supplemental instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program that offers peer-led, group study tables for challenging courses. If a class has SI, an announcement will be made the first week.

Academic coaches

Academic Coaches work with students on study skills and strategies in areas such as time management, note-taking, and exams prep. You can make an appointment with a coach by contacting the Academic Success Center at 541-737-2272.

Academic success course (ALS 116)

The Academic Success Center coordinates this 2-credit course, which focuses on a range of academic topics geared to give you tools and strategies to help you achieve your academic goals. Contact your UESP advisor for more information.

The Writing center

The Writing Center offers free help with any writing task at any stage of the writing process. They are located in Waldo 123 with satellite locations on the second floor of the Beth Ray Student Success Center and the Collaborative Learning Center in the Valley Library.

Career trail

A step-by-step guide created by the Career Development Center to help you prepare for the world of work throughout your time at OSU.

The collaborative learning center

Located in the Information Commons of the Valley Library, the CLC provides a variety of services to help students. The Career Center, Chemistry, Library, Math, Physics and the Writing Center provide assistance during scheduled hours.

Science specific academic resources

Math Learning Center

Math & Stats Learning Center
Faculty Director: Thomas P. Dick
Coordinator: Wendy Aaron
Kidder Hall 108
Corvallis, OR 97331-4605
Phone: 541-737-5146

Mole Hole

Staff contact: Margie Haak (

Worm Hole

Wormhole staffing hours are M - F 10 AM - 6 PM.

Vole Hole

The Vole Hole offers support and tutoring for students enrolled in Bi22x courses (Bi221, Bi222 and Bi223). The Vole Hole is staffed by graduate teaching assistants who teach Bi22x.

Multicultural student resources

Cultural & Resource Centers

OSU’s Cultural Center program coordinates safe environments in which students can learn about issues of social justice, leadership, identity, culture, heritage, history, and self expression in an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect. Cultural Center staff strive to foster an inclusive community that recognizes the worth of all individuals regardless of racial/ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, age, and/or physical abilities. For more information, contact Diversity & Cultural Engagement at

Educational opportunity program

EOP website
EOP application for students
EOP provides many benefits for students. Some include:

  • Developing a strong relationship with an EOP academic counselor, and working together on mutually-identified areas such as time management, major/career identification, applying for internships, study abroad opportunities and undergraduate research sites.
  • Priority access to EOP sections of courses.
  • Becoming part of a family of learners from similar backgrounds all working toward the goal of graduation.

Once a student is enrolled and active in the program they remain associated with the program until graduation. Students are expected to meet with their EOP academic counselor on a regular basis.

EOP students are from groups that have been traditionally denied equal access to higher education. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • students of color
  • low-income
  • first-generation
  • returning older-than-average students
  • single parents
  • rurally isolated students
  • veterans
  • undocumented students
  • students with disabilities

EOP services are designed to assist incoming first-year undergraduate students at Oregon State University as well as those who are referred by faculty or staff or seek out services. Services are limited to undergraduate domestic students and undocumented/DACA students who are taking classes on OSU's main Corvallis campus. We do not currently have services available for graduate, distance or international students or students studying at other Oregon State campuses, however, these students may still be able to be involved in related programs.

Like EOP, CAMP and TRIO SSS also support students in their academic development and assist and motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education.

Students are not able to be in more than one program at a time. We encourage interested students to learn about the students each program serves and the services they provide and then decide which program would best meet individual needs. For questions about EOP or for further clarification, please contact Janet Nishihara.

  • CAMP is a federally-funded program designed to support students from seasonal farmworker backgrounds during their first-year of college. The program provides personal, financial and academic support for students, as well as social and cultural enrichment activities. CAMP students also have an opportunity to participate in a summer orientation program. Students must meet federally mandated guidelines to qualify as being from a seasonal farmworker background. Visit the CAMP website for more information on eligibility and application information.
  • TRIO SSS is a federally-funded program which provides services to students who meet at least one of the following criteria: 1) being from the first generation in their family in college (neither parent has a four year degree); 2) meeting low-income guidelines; 3) having either a physical or learning disability. Services offered by TRIO SSS include a summer bridge program for new students, academic skills assessment, supplemental academic and personal advising and more. Visit the TRIO SSS website for more information on services and to find out how to apply.

TRIO student support services

Who can apply?

TRIO SSS is a selective program open to undergraduate OSU students who are:

  • First-generation college students (neither parent has a 4 year college degree); and/or
  • Pell Eligible (Please see U.S. Department of Education guidelines); and/or have
  • Documented disabilities

Program resources for students

  • Academic Counseling, Advocacy, & Support
  • Tutoring & Peer Mentoring
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Assistance with Financial Aid & Scholarship Processes
  • Service & Leadership Initiatives
  • Social & Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • Student Lounge equipped with iMac’s and free printing
  • Term-long check-out of laptops, Chromebooks, & Calculators
  • Annual grant aid to program participants who meet specific academic criteria.
  • Travel Scholarships for program participants going abroad.

To apply

Applications are accepted throughout the year for students admitted to OSU and meet the SSS admission requirements. New OSU first year and transfer students who are admitted during fall term will be considered for admission to TRIO starting in May and will automatically be enrolled in the TRIO Summer Bridge Program which is offered in September before the beginning of classes. All other applicants will be placed on a waiting list and contacted once space becomes available.

Complete the online TRIO application.

Transfer student resources

For COS Transfer questions, please email

Health, wellness, and family resources

24-Hour Crisis Hotline and Services

It’s easy to procrastinate getting help, but reaching out for support is the first step to feeling better. Most campuses offer confidential counseling services or can help connect you with resources in your community. Just talking about what’s going on can help you feel better, so take that first step by reaching out for help or opening up to a trusted friend or family member. There are ways to feel better, but you have to tell someone what you’re going through.

After-Hours Medical Advice Nurse Line

Medical advice is available by phone 24 hours per day for OSU students eligible for care at Student Health Services. If you have medical concerns after clinic hours, you can obtain a toll-free number for a medical call center by calling 541-737-9355.

Alcohol, Drug & Violence Prevention Center

The aim of this center, located within Student Health Services, is to create a safe and supportive learning and living environment that is free of high-risk alcohol use, other drug use and violence.

Center for Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV)

Trained advocates are available 24 hours a day to take calls, provide support, and extend their services to survivors of rape, sexual assault, or domestic violence. Services include emergency shelter; legal, medical, and social service advocacy; support groups; and a 24-hour hotline which provides support, listening, and information. CARDV can also assist survivors in finding other resources they may need.

Childcare Centers

Beaver Beginnings is located at 11th & Adams and is a full-day NAEYC Accredited child care center for children of students, staff and faculty. There are 144 full-time spaces for infants through preschool, plus a full day private Kindergarten. They offer half-time, flex-time and full-time rates. The Center is operated by Children’s Creative Learning Centers. Wait lists can be long, so contact Beaver Beginnings as soon as possible to be placed on their wait list.


is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractic care is used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches.

Collegiate Recovery Community

Students who are working toward recovery from addiction can find care and comfort in this peer support group.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services provides mental health counseling to students, and consultation, outreach and education to all OSU community members. We do this in order to (1) facilitate student’s academic success, mental health, and personal development and (2) promote a culture of positive mental health at OSU.

Daytime Medical Advice Nurse Line

Medical advice is available by phone 24 hours per day for OSU students eligible for care at Student Health Services. During clinic hours, the advice line is staffed by a registered nurse. Call 541-737-2724.

Disability Access Services

Disability Access Services (DAS) facilitates access to University programs and services for students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy.

Dixon Recreation Center

Dixon Recreation Center houses two cardio rooms, two weight rooms, two gyms, six racquetball courts, three squash courts, three multipurpose rooms, a 42ft tall climbing wall, 1/10 mile indoor track, 25-yard pool, a dive well, a hot tub, three sand volleyball courts, and the Adventure Leadership Institute.

Family Housing

Offers affordable housing in a supportive environment for OSU students with families. Our 107-unit apartment complex at Orchard Court is situated on the northwest corner of campus, within easy walking and bicycling distance of other campus facilities. Most schools, shopping areas, places of worship, and other community services are within minutes by car or bus. Living at Orchard Court provides a unique opportunity to live in a diverse multicultural community with other families from throughout the world. Currently 65% of our student families are from countries other than the United States, and more than 70% of our student residents are graduate students. Orchard Court has a friendly, inviting atmosphere, making it a good place for you and your family to call home.

Family Resource Center

Childcare and Family Resources advocates for and provides services to students with children and all families with dependent care needs across campus to promote the academic, professional and personal success of the whole person. We work to identify and remove barriers for students with children to ensure equal access to campus opportunities and resources.

Human Services Resource Center (HSRC)

Provides direct service, outreach, education, and referral services to Oregon State University students focused on alleviating the effects of hunger, poverty, and other basic human needs so that students can pursue a quality education. They also work to create a dynamic learning environment in which students, faculty, staff, and the community can learn how to best address current societal challenges facing college students.

Services include:

  • Textbook Lending Program helps connect eligible students to free textbooks (as well as other affordable ways to obtain textbooks).
  • Financial assistance (for eligible students) to pay for meals on campus through the Food Assistance Program.
  • Food Pantry offers food to students in need.
  • Other food security programs including assistance with SNAP applications and the @eatfreeOSU twitter account that promotes free food events on campus.
  • Help provide emergency housing resources and referrals.
  • Can connect to service-learning and volunteer opportunities.
  • Offer workshops, seminars, and opportunities for internships and employment.
  • Provide intermediary services between students and agencies that offer assistance.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an age-old health practice that has become part of many OSU students' health and fitness routine. At SHS, massage therapists are highly qualified, well-trained, experienced licensed professionals. Therapists may combine several different massage styles including Swedish, deep tissue and pressure points.

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Department at SHS offers a broad range of services to facilitate recovery from and prevention of injuries or illnesses that affect the musculoskeletal system and sensorimotor functions. The department is staffed by physical therapists who provide evaluation and individualized treatment and education programs for each patient to return to function.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)

Oregon State University Student Health Services (SHS) is committed to taking an active stance in survivor-focused health care. SHS now offers a fully integrated Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program to support any female or male students who are survivors of sexual assault. By offering exams at the campus health center, sexual assault survivors can be in familiar surroundings with caring clinicians and do not have to be concerned about arranging transportation to the hospital. Survivors can continue seeing a Student Health clinician for any other health exams as well, which allows for a continuum of care for the survivor that includes sensitivity to their experience.

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS)

SASS can help you with support, safety, counseling, and provide information about reporting options. SASS is a team of trained and experienced counselors who provide support for students of all genders who have experienced any form of unwanted sexual contact or relationship violence. SASS services are FREE, confidential, and available to all enrolled OSU students. SASS is open during CAPS regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm, hours may change during breaks and summer). For immediate help after hours, or if you have an urgent safety concern, contact the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV) 24-hour hotline at 541-754-0110.

Student Conflict Management

The University Ombuds Office promotes a civil and inclusive campus community by providing informal, impartial, and confidential* conflict management services to all members of the university community. The Ombuds assists with individual concerns through service and education, and serves as a change agent to address group conflict and systemic concerns. It is the goal of the Ombuds to foster a culture of healthy, safe and open dialogue, and facilitate cooperative problem resolution.

Student Health Services

Oregon State University students can be reassured that their health is supported by many caring staff and faculty members. In the forefront for health is Student Health Services. SHS clinicians, health educators and other highly skilled health professionals provide campus wide comprehensive primary health care, disease prevention and treatment services, and extensive health promotion for all OSU students.

Victim Support & Reporting

The Student Conduct and Community Standards office acknowledges how difficult it can be for anyone who experiences unwanted sexual contact or sexual harassment to make a disclosure. If you are an OSU student and are a survivor of unwanted sexual contact/sexual harassment or are involved in any other form of misconduct brought about by another OSU student or students, you are encouraged to disclose the incident. The Student Conduct and Community Standards office can offer a variety of options and outcomes and will connect you to resources that maintain confidentiality.

Parking and transportation

Corvallis Transit Service

The Corvallis Transit Service offers free fare for all riders on all bus routes and is an easy and eco-friendly method to get around town!

Groome Portland Airport Shuttle

Ride to the Portland Airport on the Groome shuttle that leaves directly from campus every two hours and ends at PDX. Free Wi-Fi available.

Linn-Benton Loop Bus

Free for OSU and LBCC students, the Linn-Benton Loop is a great alternative to driving to class at Linn-Benton Community College and offers direct pick-up and drop-off to and from each campus.

Newport Loop Bus Schedule

Find your way to the Marine Hatfield Science Center!

OSU-Cascades | Cascades Commuters

The Cascades Commuters program rewards those who commute to campus in a sustainable manner, such as by bus, bicycle, carpool/vanpool, skate or on foot. Cascades Commuters is designed to achieve the university's sustainability and health/wellness goals, in addition to reducing traffic congestion in Central Oregon.

OSU-Cascades | Cascades East Transit

Cascades East Transit (CET) provides bus service to the OSU-Cascades campus and around town. Your OSU-Cascades ID card with a current sticker gives you free access to the Bend routes.

OSU-Cascades | Zagster

OSU-Cascades has partnered with Zagster to provide a bike share program at OSU-Cascades. The program provides a convenient alternative to driving, limits single-occupancy vehicle use for short trips and facilitates a healthy lifestyle for the campus.

Parking & Transportation Services

Find information on:

  • Parking & permits are required in commuter parking spaces between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, year-round.
  • Transit
  • Beaver Bus
  • Share the Ride
  • Motor Pool

Safe Ride

Late night at the library and don't want to walk home alone in the dark? SafeRide is a free, nightly taxi service run by ASOSU and student drivers that transports students within the city limits of Corvallis and Philomath during the academic year.

Student technology resources

Canvas Support

Students can reach 24/7 Canvas support by clicking help in the main Canvas menu (lower left side of screen). Students can chat with a Canvas representative or call the Canvas support hotline at 1-844-329-3084.

Corvallis-Based Service Desk

Whether you're having trouble installing software, connecting to the WiFi network or getting rid of a pesky virus on your computer, the Service Desk has qualified staff to assist you with your computer needs.

Student Multimedia Studio

The Student Multimedia Studio is open online for help with photo, video, audio and poster design projects. We can help you with media hardware, and walk you through software options for creating your media. On our website you'll find tutorials, connect with real people and learn about best practices for creating digital media projects.

Student Tech Support Guide for Remote Learning

This guide provides information on using Canvas and Zoom, plus support resources if you run into issues.

Experiential learning

Hatfield Marine Science Center Internships

The Hatfield Marine Science Center offers a variety of student internships. Potential research areas include collection and analysis of fish, marine predator/prey studies, physical oceanography and science education.

Leadership Academies

Many colleges and majors offer leadership academies or similar programming for students to develop leadership skills and increase competitiveness in the job market.

Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO)

The OSU Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) advises students on study abroad, international internships and global research. Learn how to take your education abroad!

Service Learning

Service learning integrates meaningful service with reflection to enrich the learning experience. A form of experiential learning, it provides a hands-on opportunity for students to make a difference while applying what they've learned in their classes. Check out some of the service-learning opportunities at Oregon State.

Student Experiences & Engagement

Through our many programs, Student Experiences & Engagement provides hands-on experiences that can help you find a sense of belonging, build skills for employability, challenge your heart and mind, make new connections, amplify your strengths, help you connect to purpose, lift your spirit and support you living your best life.

S.U.R.E. Science

Our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, known as SURE Science, offers scholarship support so students gain a stimulating research experience that enhances their academic experience.

Tips for Finding Research Projects

Tips to help you find a research project.

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & the Arts

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & the Arts (URSA) facilitates undergraduate engagement in scholarly and creative independent projects mentored by faculty in all disciplines.

Other resources

ASOSU Student Advocate

The ASOSU student advocate provides mentoring, professional development and strategic advice to the ASOSU executive, legislative and judicial branches. The advocate coordinates the ASOSU Internship Program, which includes coursework designed to advance student government leadership by familiarizing students with community organizing, movement-building, political identity development and tactics for addressing issues facing students.

Bias Incident Report Form

Have you experienced or witnessed an incident of bias at Oregon State? In the university's ongoing efforts to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students, the Office of Institutional Diversity collaborates with campus partners to respond to incidents of bias. This team takes seriously all reports of bias and depending on the circumstances may follow up with campus safety, referrals to university resources, or community outreach. Use this form to report discrimination, bullying or other incidents of bias; reports may be made anonymously.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center works to empower, support and nurture OSU students in their exploration and pursuit of lifelong career success and meaningful employment.

Center for Civic Engagement

There are many ways to live your commitment to community and civic engagement, from big impacts to small decisions. Learn about all of the ways the Center for Civic Engagement can help you be engaged through our civic engagement opportunities, events and programs.

Clubs & Organizations

Most years, Student Experiences & Engagement oversees about 400 clubs and organizations. Find one that fits with your passion! There are lots of options to explore — from cultural organizations to clubs focusing on environmental, health or other social issues. Clubs enhance knowledge, help you develop transferable skills and complement classroom learning. Learn leadership, organizational development, team building and communication skills.

Community Engagement & Leadership

At Community Engagement & Leadership, we believe the world should be a more just, caring place for everyone and that OSU students have the power to shape the world. Through engaging students in self exploration, community engaged learning, direct service and advocacy in the greater Corvallis community, we cultivate leaders and change-makers. Join us!

OSU Alerts

The OSU alert system allows public safety officials to create emergency alerts that contain a recorded voice message, an email message, and a text message. Make sure your contact info is up to date today!

Resources for DREAMers and Undocumented Students

How Faculty & Staff can support undocumented students