The College of Science Marketing team offers an array of services for marketing and communications projects. Services include:

Marketing consultation. We can help determine the best strategies for reaching your target audience and getting your message across.

Project management. We develop timelines for your project and work with you to meet agreed-upon deadlines to make sure your project is completed on time. ​

Content development. Involves story development, interviews, strategy, research, writing, editing and planning creative assets with our designer (photos, graphics, etc).

Graphic design and print services. We provide creative design options, gather estimates from printing vendors and oversees the print process. These services are free, but you will be responsible for printing costs.

Web page. Single page (or two) on an OSU website – for a center, conference, facility, etc.

Website. Building a website is significantly different from a web page. It has enhanced functionality. We would need more details before committing.

Timing—How long will my project take?

It’s important to give our team ample lead time to complete your project, and others in the queue, in a professional and timely manner. 

For large projects, allow at least 10 weeks from kickoff (see below) to finish. 

  • Examples include brochures, newsletters, and websites.

For smaller projects, allow at least 3-4 weeks from kickoff (see below) to finish. 

  • Examples include event invitations, faculty/student stories, ads, postcards, flyers, press releases, emails and landing pages.

Very small projects and quicker tasks can be handled within 5-7 days of kickoff (see below).

  • These include website updates, social media posts, social media ad campaigns


Due to the high volume, we need to prioritize strategic projects in our marketing plan that advance the entire College of Science. We will take on department projects as time and resources permit.


Please use this form to request development of any new marketing communications materials, as well as updating of existing ones. All fields on this form should be completed as fully as possible. This will help the Marketing Team determine the level of support/resources and type of communication needed for your project—as well as the priority for your project compared to other current projects.

Once you have completed your request, you will receive an automated confirmation notice. We will follow up personally within 2-3 business days to let you know if we can help with your project and schedule a kickoff meeting. If we are unable to take on your project due to volume/immediate priorities, we will direct you to other helpful resources to get the job done.


While the Marketing & Communications Team strives to ensure that all pieces are professionally developed (written, design, edited), proofreading is the responsibility of the department requesting assistance.