The following people have been appointed to the Dean's Advisory Council for AY19-20.

The Council is solicited by the Dean for their advice about college policies, strategies and plans.


Erin Abernethy, Grad Student, Integrative Biology

Heather Arbuckle, Head Advisor, College of Science

Tara Bevandich*, Administrative Assistant, Integrative Biology

Paul Cheong, Assoc Prof, Chemistry

Blessing Emerenini, Asst Professor/Post-doc, Mathematics

Claudio Fuentes*, Assoc Prof, Statistics

Kevin Gable*, Prof, Chemistry

Steve Giovannoni*, Distinguised Prof, Microbiology

Liz Gire*, Assoc Prof, Physics

Katie McLaughlin*, Asst Prof, Statistics

Brock McLeod*, Coordinator – Undergraduate Success & Engagement, Integrative Biology

Mark Novak*, Assoc Prof, Integrative Biology

Kari van Zee*, Senior Instructor I, Biochemistry

Katy Williams, Instructor, Mathematics


Several of these (*) are returning for a second or third year.