College of Science Awards for Research

Contact Virginia Weis, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies for questions. 

Dean's Early Career Achievement Award - due 12/1/22

Recoginizes exceptional achievement in research and education by an early-career tenure-stream faculty member.

F.A. Gilfillan Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science - due 12/1/22

Recognizes distinguished scholarship and scientific accomplishments by faculty members in Science. Special consideration is given to candidates with distinguished research careers.

Milton Harris Award in Basic Research in Science - due 12/1/22

Recognizes exceptional achievement in basic research by honoring an outstanding faculty member in the College of Science. Special consideration is given to recent research that was carried out at OSU and that will have a significant impact on its field.

Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant or Associate Award - due 12/1/22

Recognizes an individual Faculty Research Assistant, Associate, or Senior Faculty Assistant or Associate with a career record of outstanding job performance and contributions.

OSU Awards for Research

OSU Impact Award for Outstanding Scholarship - due TBD

Faculty Senate Nomination Awards Summary - Multiple Deadlines

College of Science Endowed Faculty

The stature of a college rests upon the quality of its faculty. Through the generosity of our donors and friends, the College of Science has been able to attract and retain top faculty, scholars and scientists while also supporting their passion for scientific inquiry and discovery. A list of endowed faculty positions at the College of Science and any current holders of those positions can be found at our Endowed Faculty in Science site