Dear Colleagues: 

I am pleased to share that beginning July 1, the university will initiate a one-year pilot program that will increase the allowable number of hours OSU student employees may work from 20 to 24 hours per week. 

This change represents an effort to balance the benefits of allowing students to increase their earnings if needed, while also supporting their academic pursuits. The launch of this pilot program was informed by input from a collaborative stakeholder group, which included representatives from the Office of Financial Aid, University Human Resources – Student Employment, ASOSU, the Controllers Unit, the Division of Student Affairs, and Student Governance and Academic Affairs. This group examined historic student work hours data, discussed the financial issues that many students face, and considered potential academic impacts that may result from increasing the current 20 hour per week work limit. 

Students and supervisors can find additional information on the new Student Hours Pilot Program, including FAQs and a chart that explains the maximum allowable work hours a student may work based on the term. University Human Resources will continue to update the pilot program’s website with additional information as July 1 approaches.

The pilot program will be evaluated in the spring of 2024 to determine if it is feasible to continue.  

Departments and units with student employees will need to manage the total hours they allow student employees to work within their existing FY24 budgets. Departments and units also need to understand that there are OPE cost considerations if students are permitted to exceed the new hours limit, including costs associated with future retirement and health care obligations. 

The Student Hours Pilot Program is unique to OSU and does not change federal rules related to student work hours. It will not apply to students with F-1 or J-1 immigration status due to federal rules surrounding work hour limits and visa status. Also, the pilot will not increase hours awarded through federal work study. 

An information session hosted by UHR Student Employment is scheduled for June 22, 2023 at 11 a.m. on zoom. The session will be recorded and posted on the Student Hours Pilot website. Additional information sessions will be scheduled in September. Students with questions regarding the pilot program may contact Student Employment at or 541- 737-2915. 

Students with any questions regarding F-1 or J-1 status can contact the Office of International Services at


Heather Horn  
Associate Vice President 
Chief Human Resources Officer