The College of Science Internal Research Funding Program comprises several internal funding opportunities to support the research and infrastructure needs of college of science faculty. We give a summary of our seed-funding and Foundation awards below. Please click on the title of each program, fund or award for additional information.  


The College of Science Research and Innovation Seed (SciRIS) Program funds projects based on individual & collaborative research involving the College community and beyond. The funds for this program come from Education & General Funds. 

SciRIS awards seed funding for high impact collaborative proposals that build teams, pursue fundamental discoveries, and create societal impact.

SciRIS accelerates the pace of research, discovery, and innovation by enabling scientists to work across an array of disciplines in a mentored environment.  SciRIS has a unique purpose focused on profound rewards.There are two pathways through this program, the SciRIS (Stages 1-3) and the ScRIS individual investigator award (SciRIS-ii).

The SciRIS (Stages 1-3) Program 

Deadlines: April & July

This program specifically seeks to 

  • Identify transformative research and innovation opportunities
  • Inspire research collaborations
  • Encourage team assembly
  • Develop track record of collaboration
  • Enable data collection
  • Promote training in innovation, commercialization, and informal science education

Investment: SciRIS funds teams in three stages to foster team development, build capacity, and accelerate projects. An advisory team accompanies each award to help guide success.

Rewards: SciRIS investments make faculty much more competitive for grants by providing College researchers with the seed funding necessary to demonstrate the feasibility of their ideas and quicken the pace of scientific discovery and innovation. 


  • Dynamic and Impactful Teams
  • Broad Engagement
  • Transformative Discoveries
  • Groundbreaking Publications
  • Team and Center Proposals and Grants
  • Policy Guidance
  • Innovation and Commercialization Efforts
  • Industry Collaborations

The SciRIS-ii Program

Deadline: December

This program provides funds to establish partnerships, accelerate project development, generate data and manuscripts, and foster proposal submissions.

Foundation Awards

The Disease Mechanism and Prevention Fund 

Deadline: December

This fund, supported by a generous gift from David and Donna Gould,  is to be used for the support of research into the mechanism, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease (human). 

The Betty Wang Discovery Fund

Deadline: December

This fund is to be used to support College faculty by maintaining state-of-the-art laboratories to advance fundamental discoveries in the basic sciences.

Robert W Lundeen Science Faculty Development Award

Supports meaningful faculty development through the pursuit of scholarship or professional capacity-building activities.

The College of Science Innovation Award

Deadline: July 

This award provides critical resources for projects that take a new direction, utilize a new technology or are in the “proof-of-concept” phase. Undergraduate & graduate students and faculty researchers can participate in the research, with a preference given to graduate students and faculty who are developing new areas of research AND establishing or augmenting research partnerships with external industrial partners. 

More funding

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  • GP-ECOS: for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars

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