The scholarships and fellowships listed below are awarded to graduate students who are entering the College of Science. As Departments nominate candidates, student application is not required.

To apply for other graduate school and college-administered scholarships, visit the Oregon State University Graduate School Fellowships and Scholarship page

College of Science scholarships and fellowships


ARCS Foundation Scholarship

The College annually awards ARCS Foundation Fellowships to entering Ph.D. students in the Departments of Biochemistry & Biophysics, Chemistry, Integrative Biology, Mathematics, Microbiology and Statistics.  The ARCS Fellowship provides a $6000 annual supplement to the Departmental assistantship for 3 years.  

Wei Family Private Foundation Scholarship

The Wei Family scholarship is awarded to graduate students pursuing a degree in science or mathematics, with a 3.5 GPA, and preferably who have lived in or are related to persons living in China. The scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Chung Kwai Lui Wei and Mr. Hsin Hsu Wei, both emigrants from China. Dr. Wei was the first woman to receive a Ph.D. from Oregon State University.

Provost Distinguished Scholarship

The student is awarded a one-time sum. Please contact the department. 


The Larry W. Martin & Joyce B. O’Neill Endowed Fellowship

The Martin-O’Neill Fellowship is awarded to a graduate student from any department in the College of Science whose research involves computational modeling. This Fellowship covers a stipend of $25,000 disbursed quarterly ($6250/quarter) and a tuition waiver for the academic year. The Fellowship will begin at the start of fall term and continue for one calendar year. The Fellow’s department will be responsible for the tuition payment during the summer term at 3 credits. Each department may nominate one graduate student whose research focus involves computational modeling. Nominees in the 2ndor later years of the PhD program will be given preference during the selection process. 

Provost Distinguished Fellowship

The Fellowship is a one-time, 12-month stipend ($30,000 for doctoral students, $22,00 for master's students, with a $2,000 fee subsidy), academic year tuition waiver, and supplemental funds to cover the cost of enrollment in three graduate credits during the summer term. The Graduate School formually appoints recipients as OSU graduate fellows.