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Department of Defense

Since 1997, the Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) has been dedicated to supporting research focused on eradicating prostate cancer, and specifically seeks to promote:

  • Highly innovative, groundbreaking research
  • High-impact research with near-term clinical relevance
  • The next generation of prostate cancer investigators through mentored research
  • Resources that will facilitate translational research

The PCRP developed a strategic plan that outlines the program’s approach for addressing critical gaps in prostate cancer research and patient care. Currently, the PCRP seeks to address the following Overarching Challenges:

  • Improve quality of life to enhance outcomes and overall health and wellness for those impacted by prostate cancer
  • Develop treatments that improve outcomes for men with lethal prostate cancer
  • Advance health equity and reduce disparities in prostate cancer
  • Define the biology of lethal prostate cancer to reduce death

Types of Awards

  • Exploration Hypothesis Development Award
  • Early Investigator Research Award
  • Physician Research Award
  • Health Disparity Research Award
  • Idea Development Award
  • Data Science Award
  • Translational Science Award
Thursday, June 2, 2022
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