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American Cancer Society

Discovery Boost Grants

Discovery Boost Grants (DBG) support high-risk, high-reward exploratory cancer research across the research continuum. Investigators may focus on developing research methodologies, establishing feasibility, or leading pilot tests.

It is expected that preliminary data generated from a completed DBG will have the potential to secure additional grant funding to further the research and open new and highly innovative areas for investigation.

Awards are for up to 2 years with $125,000 a year for direct costs, plus 20% allowable indirect costs.

Next opportunity to apply is October 15, 2023.

Institutional Research Grants
Institutional Research Grants are awarded to institutions as block grants, providing seed money for newly independent investigators to initiate cancer research projects.

The intent is to support these junior faculty in initiating cancer research projects so they can obtain preliminary results that will enable them to compete successfully for national research grants.

Awards to institutions are $120,000 a year for 3 years, direct costs only. Allows for 3 one-year pilot grants at $40,000 each.

Postdoctoral Fellowships
Researchers who are within 4 years of receiving a doctoral degree may apply for initial funding to start training for an independent career in cancer research (including basic, preclinical, clinical, cancer control, psychosocial, behavioral, epidemiology, health services and health policy research). 

Applicants must be a US citizen or a non-citizen holding an appropriate visa when you submit your application

Awards may be for 3 years with newly increased progressive stipends of $66,000, $68,000, and $70,000 per year.

Research Scholar Grant
The American Cancer Society supports investigator-initiated projects across the cancer research continuum. Research Scholar Grants (RSGs) are awards are for up to 4 years and for up to $165,000 per year for direct costs, plus 20% allowable indirect costs. Independent investigators in the first 6 years of an independent research career or faculty appointment are eligible to apply. Eligibility is extended for 8 years for clinician scientists who remain active in clinical care.

AHEAD (Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Cancer Disparities) Awards (due 4/3/23)
ACS is announcing AHEAD (Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Cancer Disparities) Awards intended to fund pilot, first-in-field, innovative strategies that increase quality cancer screening, clinical trials—and cancer care closer to home.

AHEAD Awards will fund exploratory, novel research studies that seek to improve access to quality cancer screening and/or cancer care by bringing technologies to individuals rather than requiring travel to health care facilities. A scientist’s proposed research may break new ground or strategize a new application of existing technologies or new intervention. We encourage the testing of high-risk, high-reward pilot projects to maximize the likelihood for breakthrough research and clinical impact.

Examples of possible research areas:

  • Digital technologies to democratize clinical trials
  • Biometrics and wearables
  • Remote imaging and at-home testing
  • Novel strategies for telehealth
  • Remote and at-home cancer screening
  • Innovative modes of delivering at-home care

Each award is for 2 years with $125,000 direct costs each year plus 20% allowable indirect costs, for a total amount of up to $300,000.

Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Broadening Participation