In June 2015, the Faculty Senate passed language to include in all position descriptions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. Based on this, all College of Science faculty position descriptions will now include:

"Oregon State University is committed to maintaining and enhancing its collaborative and inclusive community that strives for equity and equal opportunity. All faculty members are responsible for helping to ensure that these goals are achieved." 

In addition, the College of Science position descriptions will include the following language:

"All faculty are also expected to be collegial members of their units, and to perform appropriate service that contributes to the effectiveness of their departments, colleges, and the University, and of their professions.”

Advancing diversity through action

To recognize faculty efforts to advance diversity, departments can refer to the OSU Faculty Handbook for this optional language to include in faculty position descriptions who specifically working on or initiate new diversity, equity and inclusion activities as part of their position:

"Stipulated contributions to equity, inclusion, and diversity should be clearly identified in the position description so that they can be evaluated in promotion and tenure decisions. Such contributions can be part of teaching, advising, research, extension, and/or service. They can be, but do not have to be, part of scholarly work. Outputs and impacts of these faculty members’ efforts to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity should be included in promotion and tenure dossiers.”

Certainly, the College of Science is extremely supportive of and strongly encourages activities that aim to enhance diversity. Examples and metrics for potential research activities, teaching and service to increase diverse can be found on the OSU ADVANCE site or on the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Faculty who wish to modify their position description to include any of these activities are encouraged to discuss this with their department head.